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From the Berkshire Mountains to the Connecticut River Valley, you will find the fascinating region known as Western Massachusetts. This is an area that features all of the best that New England has to offer, from colorful autumns to lazy summer days, but it also has its own charm to set it apart from the rest of the state. The region known as Western Massachusetts is famous for its historical sites, its colleges, and the diversity of its population. This is a nice place to visit, and it is also a great place to live.

The History of the Area

The first European settlers arrived in Western Massachusetts in 1635 and established a permanent settlement in 1636. The Western Massachusetts city of Springfield was where the first national armory was located in 1777, and the armory remained in place and in use for more than 200 years. Western Massachusetts was also where many American innovations took place, such as the invention of the sports of volleyball and basketball. The first American car manufacturer and the first American motorcycle manufacturing companies were also located in Western Massachusetts.

The Colleges

If you have not heard of Western Massachusetts as a region, then there is a good chance that you have heard of one of its 22 major colleges. Western Massachusetts is home to such famous colleges and universities as Amherst College, Cambridge College, Williams College, and Smith College. The region boasts a population boost of nearly 100,000 college students every year, and many of those students go on to find satisfying careers in Western Massachusetts.

The Diversity


The diversity of the population in Western Massachusetts comes from the large population of international college students and the permanent population that calls the area home. Some of the more significant museums and landmarks in the area tell the story of how diverse this population is. When you visit Western Massachusetts, you will be able to see the National Yiddish Book Center, the Basketball Hall of Fame, the birthplace of Susan B. Anthony, the Normal Rockwell Museum, and the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden. The area has been greatly affected by the different types of people who have lived there throughout its history, and the effects of many of those great cultures and people are obvious today.

New England is famous for its foliage, its history, and its cultural diversity. If you want to see all that New England has to offer in one small area, then you need to go to Western Massachusetts. It is a quiet place that can speak volumes about the history of the entire region and the founding of the country. Western Massachusetts is where history is alive, education is thriving, and the best things in life can be found.